Memorial plaques with engravings on the theme of music and musicians.

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Over 70 engraved patterns are available to personalize a memorial and funeral plaque on the theme of music, musician or singer.
All the drawings to engrave are present in the configurator, button "High definition drawings" then
they are divided into 4 categories:

Stringed musical instruments
with guitar, violin, piano, harp etc. in the category "Instrumental music. with strings"

Wind musical instruments
with saxophone, trumpet, harmonica and hunting core then trombone, flute, oboe and accordion etc. in the category "Instrumental music. with wind"

Percussion musical instruments
with drums, drums, xylophone, djembe etc. in the category "Instrumental music. percu."

The others: synthesizer, Djay turntable, concert stage, microphones, jukebox etc. in the category "Other music".

The models below may give you some ideas but they only show a small part of the patterns available in the configurator.

If you want an instrument that is not in our collection, do not hesitate to ask us.

Create a memorial plaque for a musician.

    Customize memorial plaques below :   

Change plaque or material, change patterns , sizes , texts , add your photos ...
The customisables models below are only a small part of the creative possibilities.

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Measurement units

Big granite grave plaque, heart background engraved in the mass

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Material : Engraved : granite

Size : H. 30 x W. 40 x Th. 2 cm, 7.8 kg

RENAUD Gravure
284 Euros
The price includes this full customization.
Real granite for grave plaque. Customization. Engraved portrait

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Material : Engraved : granite

Size : H. 30 x W. 20 x Th. 2 cm, 4.5 kg

RENAUD Gravure
351 Euros
The price includes this full customization.
Granite grave plaque heart background, portrait and instrument

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Material : Engraved : granite

Size : H. 20 x W. 30 x Th. 2 cm, 4.5 kg

RENAUD Gravure
325 Euros
The price includes this full customization.

Glass and granite are engraved in the mass. Memorial monument

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Material : Engraved : granite

Size : H. 17 x W. 30 x Th. 10 cm, 6 kg

RENAUD Gravure
200 Euros
The price includes this full customization.
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The drawings available in the configurator

are sorted out in 4 categories :

Wind instruments :
In this category you will find accordions and saxophones,

trombones and trumpets just as harmonicas, simple flutes or panpipes.

Are also present : clarinet, hunting horn and bagpipes.

Stringed instruments :

Here are group together violins, electric or acoustic guitars, pianos and mandolins as harps.

Memorial plaque with violin and score music

Percussions instruments :

This part presents you maracas, electric or acoustic drum kits,

djembes, tambourines just as a xylophone.

Others instruments :

A category others instruments various such as microphones, DJ instruments,

vinyl or CD decks, synthesizer or digital keyboards.

There are also a jukebox and a DJ headphone, gramophone and metronome.

A memorial plaque dedicated to passionates of music

A lot of persons are passionate of music,

whether it is classical music, baroque, rock or variety.

If you have just lost a dear person for who the music was very important,

know that Renaud Gravure suggests you to pay tribute to him creating memorial plaque on this theme.

It is possible to engrave various music instruments or according to the age of the deceased a vinyl disk or CD.

The music job or passion

The music is the more often considered as a leisure or a passion

but for some persons it can be a job.

If you have lost a friend or a relative whose job was music teacher or professional musician,

Renaud Gravure suggests you to shape a memorial plaque to the colours of this passion.

All the music instruments can be engraved on a plaque of granite of genuine glass,

drum kit, guitar, accordion or violin.

A tribute to a musician friend

Some people practise, on top of their professional activity,

an activity at the same time the world of sight or music.

It is often the case of some groups of musicians which entertain parties and weddings.

For these persons it can be more like a second activity,

it is also to be pleased of sharing their passion and to bring pleasure to the public.

To offer to your late friend a memorial plaque on the theme of music

you can conceive a plaque totally customized on the Renaud Gravure website.

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Versailles, Embassies & Consulates, French Academy,
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