Parchment drawings engraved on customizable memorial plaques.

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Here are dozens of models of memorial plaques with parchment drawing to customize.
The plaques with parchment are available in different sizes.
They are also available in different materials such as granite or glass.

You can customize a Parchment Funeral plaques by adding text and other overlapping patterns to this
parchment drawing.
All these papyrus-based models are available in the online configurator by clicking on -plaques- then on -Granite or glass plaques- and then choosing the category -Parchment -

See also our heart-shaped funeral plaques.

Fully customize a cemetery plaque with parchment :

    Customize memorial plaques below :   

Change plaque or material, change patterns , sizes , texts , add your photos ...
The customisables models below are only a small part of the creative possibilities.

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Measurement units

memorial plaque to customize parchment

Granite plaque of grave park drilled to screw ( screws are provided), background parchment is engraved, so as the personalized text and the heart.
The heart is engraved, and then gilded with 24 carat gold

Material : Engraved granite

H. 20 x W. 30 x Th. 2 cm, 4.5 kg

287 Euros

Grave plaque with engraving parchment

Granite grave plaque, to put with 2 metal bases.
Engraved background of parchment.
Photo of hunter and dog engraved in the mass.
Engraving of a personal text

Material : Engraved granite

H. 20 x W. 30 x Th. 2 cm, 4.5 kg

249 Euros

Grave marker plaque for grave parchment

Genuine engraving of granite memorial plaque.
Round photoporcelain with green marbled background, sticked on the plaque.
Engraved parchement in the mass.
Drilled twice to screw.
Real black granite plate.
Engraved text

Material : Engraved granite

H. 20 x W. 30 x Th. 2 cm, 4.5 kg

185 Euros

grave plaque personnalised with engraved photo parchment

Engraved glass memorial plaque.
Drilled 4 times in the corner to screw.
Animal plaque, with engraving of a parchment background and a drawing of a horse.
Engraved personal text.
Burglarproof quality of the glass

Material : Engraved glass

H. 30 x W. 20 x Th. 1 cm, 1.5 kg

275 Euros
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Parchment plaques engraved in granite or glass.

At RENAUD Gravure we offer granite or glass burial plaques
with drawings of scrolls engraved in the material.
This engraving is unalterable, it is not laser, printing and a sticker.
We are professional engraver graduate, we make real engraving inalterableW.

To make an engraved memorial plaque with parchment :
You can choose one of the models above and modify it but you can also
customize any model to put a scroll.

For a GRANIT memorial plaque :
In the plaque Configurator, click on the button "plaques" then "Black Granite plaques "
then "Metal plaques on feet" or "Drilled plaques to screw" then click on the category "Parchment plaques".

memorial plaque with custom parchment

For a VERRE memorial plaques with parchment:
In the plaque configurator, click on the button " plaques " then " Anti-burglary glass plaques "
then "Glass plaques on granite base" or "Glass plaques, drilled to screw "
then click on the "Scrolls" category.

Glass funeral plaque with parchment and portrait photo to customize

Then drag the drawings and click on the image that suits you,
the plaque is downloaded, displayed and the price is updated immediately.
Changing plaque keeps your text and drawings.
It is therefore very easy to try different models and sizes.

The models of funeral plaques pre-composed above represent only one infime part of the possibilities of personalization.
Try it, the use of the software is free, anonymous and without any commitment!

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