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Photo of a train on a plaque to lay down on a tomb.
Personalised memorial plaque.

Memorial plaque granite  . 30 x 20 cm.

Material : granite     Height : 30 cm     Width : 20 cm     Thickness : 2 cm     Weight (around) : 4.5 Kg

Measurement units

A granite commemorative plaque with a photo of an old steam engine.

Granite memorial plaque, to put in memorial park on grave with the 2 metal bases. Those feet are in aluminium, a stainless material. It is ideal for a cemetery.

Personalized text is engraved in the mass thus very stable in time ! Engraving is a technique which consists in taking of part of the material, here taking off granite to make the pattern appear. If you touch, you can feel the relieve under your nail.

Old steam engine picture, present in the software, engraved in the middle.
You can add your own photo. Some deceased people used to work for a railway company, or repair the engine. They even were fond of trains. In those cases, we are asked to engrave a train on their memorial plaque.
This is why we have in our software a catalogue with several trains, electric or mecannic.
As said, you can bring your own photo, that can be a photo the deceased loved.

This is a model of a memorial customizable plaque.

Personalise this memorial plaque

          207 Euros          

      Price calculated in real time for each personalisation.

      Secure payment : Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, PayPal.

      Delivery to United Kingdoms, Ireland. Worldwide : Reduced price.

The unalterable engravings presented
are included in the price.

10 working days of manufactureMaterial in stock

What are the elements on this memorial plaque :

It is a vertical black granite plaque. It measures 30cm x 20 cm.

At the top, in italics it is written, in two lines "Remembering George Smith". The text is centered from the plaque.

In the middle there is a steam engine of a train. It is coming from the left. It is a close-up so we can not see the whole train.
A dark steam comes from the engine.

Below, there is a short message "Sweet thoughts". It is a different font, but in the same type, it is in italics, with English letters.

 How can you create this plaque :

To understand and follow the paths, please open the software thanks to the button on your left.

To have a vertical plaque : "Plates" ; "Black granite plates". In the small window, click on "Plaques on metal base" and then on "Plaques blank". It is the first model of plaques.

The first text : "Texts" ; "Create text #1". Type down your text. To change the font, click on "2: Letters' shapes" and choose " Style 2". Finally, to modify it to your satisfaction, click on " 3:Size, position, rotation" to play with the cursors.

The train image : "High definition drawings" ; "Create drawing #1". A list of categories appears. Search for "Train, National Rail, locomotive". It is at the end.
To bring your own photo click on "Photos, engraved portraits".

The second text : "Texts" ; "Create text #1". Again, please write you text and then choose "Style 7" for the font.

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