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Let engraved a beautifull memorial plaque

Artistic handmade by Jocelyn RENAUD

Customised memorial plaque

"The company manually and artistically has worked the portraits and drawings since 1997;"

its engraving is stable and traditionnal, detailed,

truely hollowed in the granite or in the glass.

Gravure de plaque funéraire

The society is rated on the art market and its references are prestigious.

Known as a french reference, Renaud Gravure also makes

valuations with the court for lawsuit about memorial engraving.

The plaque has to last in time

The Renaud Gravure company considers just like the consumer,

that a product as a memorial plaque is a memorial made to last.

Graveur sur pierre

gravure sur pierre

Thus the plaque has to resist for minimum period of a generation and not for the minimum legal period of 12 months

It results from this statement of fact that lots of technique are not adjusted to the manufacture of memorial plaque.

Not adapted techniques

Via the internet, there are more and more industrials, handymen, amateurs
who act as : manufacturer of personalised memorial plaques.

Here are processes or products we have registered and that seem each one more inappropriate than the last :


Paint, adhesive, laser tracing, sublimation, serigraphy,
Plastic plaques, resin, Altuglas, Plexiglas, 'acrylic glass', polycarbonate

The result of those processes and materials after an exposure to the bad weather is irrevocable and without surprise :

Detachment of painting directly painted on polished granite.
Discoloration, detachment of the serigraphy and sublimation on polished granite.
Yellowing, cracking and distortion of plastic plaques.

Damage of the paint on laser tracing.

The product added on granite always deteriorate,

the process is a little bit longer when the granite is tarnished but inevitably,

every sticked product deteriorates.

The only stable solution is to hollow enough the granite or glass so that

the engraving is well visible even without adding paint.

It seems easy, but it is technically very difficult to get an engraving both ultra precise and deep.

The laser doesn't correctly hollow granite.

Low-end laser tracing for memorial plaques of very poor quality.

The laser tracing is thin and precise but

doesn't engrave the granite as we do..

The laser burns in surface and very superficially granite by heatting it.

Photo on the left : laser tracing in progress, the contrast is light, irregular and insufficient.

The laser tracing is extremely superficial, it simply heats the granite's surface : this is not engraving.

Photo in the center : the tracing is covered of paint to reinforce the contrast in order to be able see the pattern.

This practice has a major disadvantage :

when the paint fades with time, the tracing is no more visible because the pattern is not hollowed !

Right photo : Final result, the tracing is irregular, shades appear on the face whereas

the plaque is not even put outdoors. Once outside, the tiny paint cover fades ...

The paint fades sometimes in barely few months,

the pattern then becomes almost invisible.

The laser tracing is a technique that doesn't suit to granite !

As a professional engraver, we don't laser trace

We truely engrave in really hollowing the material thanks to our

innovations and owner techniques.

How to know if a plaque has been laser traced :

The laser tracing is not engraving,

you just have to judge the depth of the engraving to identify it.

It's easy, put your nail on the pattern, if you don't feel the hole

it's because it is a simple laser tracing.

The tiny cover of paint will fades and the pattern thus is going to disappear.

On the other hand, if you feel differences of depth it is because it is

genuine engraving that is thus hollowed in the material.

With or without paint, this real engraving will always be visible because

the natural contrast is enough.

The traditionnal engraving in stone, the only reliable process :

The only method that has proved its performance in time for more than 4500 years is the hollowed engraving !

Gravure sur ardoise
The stone engraving is a profession !

This job is taught in stone engraving schools
especially made for this. ( Highschool : La Roquelle, Trainings :

Dorure sur marbre
The principle is simple but the technique is difficult to implement.

It consists in hollowing the granite enough in depth in order to

the engraving be well visible even without adding paint.

All the matter is to have also a great fineness and a perfect precision.

RENAUD Jocelyn RENAUD Gravure

Renaud Gravure uses old processes

and its patented inventions :

Our techniques are : the traditionnal manually engraving with chisel,

the engraving by diamond point, diamond roulette or carbo,

the aero sanding and the micro sanding,

grinders and pneumatic drill, polishing, gilt with 24 carat gold leaf,

inlaying and marquetry just as our techniques owners we do not reveal.

RENAUD Gravure

Below : Slate engraving for the UNESCO

Gravure Val de Loire unesco patrimoine mondial région centre

Graveur sur marbre

RENAUD Gravure

An exceptionnal value.

Until 3 times cheaper than at undertaker's and monumental mason.

Calculated cost in real time in the configurator and varying according to your customisation.

Design a plaque, print and compare the prices and quality !


Dorure haute qualité

Votre plaque funéraire personnalisée

Graveur sur pierre et graveur sur verre.


Photos of making without special effects !

in general they are computer photomontages which not reflect the reality

or blurred photos that hide the inelegant details of the result.

We display tens of close-up photos to be able to well appreciate the artistic quality of our work.

The whole of our granite or glass engraving are of the same quality on the photos of this site.

Our order thus is going to be of the same level of quality of the photos on our site.

Gravure sur pierre de haute qualité

Pas de plaques en plastique ou en PVC, ici nous ne travaillons que les matériaux nobles tels que le verre véritable ou le marbre.


Genuine glass, and not at all plastic !

RENAUD Gravure funraire

- Attention to the confusions ! Real glass / acrylic glass -

Some sellers hide the plastic origin of a product

"behind very debatable terms of the kind 'Acrylic glass' or PMMA; "

know that the glass can not be in plastic and there is no glass/plastic alloy.

"The terms 'PMMA', 'Resin' and 'Polycarbonate' also mean a plastic product;"

Contrary to the given arguments by the sellers of plastic memorial plaques,
the plastic badly resists to outside aggressions.


If the durability was established, the vehicle windscreens,
the glass of doors and of windows would be all in plastic
It would revolutionize the market and cost much cheaper to everyone !



The increase of these products and techniques leads to an increase of complaint linked to
the premature damage and to their incompatible nature with an exposure of more than 10 years.


The aestheticism, the artistic competence :

Gravure RENAUD


The artistic competence doesn't make legion in the market of customised memorial plaque,
only few engravers of the job have a known competence in artistic drawing and engraving of portrait.


In France, we can count them on the fingers of one hand.


It the provider has none training in engraving and ornementation on stone or in engraving of memorial monument,
it is not conceivable to hope that, maybe, it is possible to artistically engrave a portrait

"It sounds logical but nevertheless, attention ; "

a lot of providers do not inform their customers about their artistic incompetence.


To well choose, it is essential to require photos of makings

"with the image of the provided photo and the one of the engraved work on the memorial plaque ; "

Attention also not to be fooled by a computer photomontage

that can give the illusion of a certain competence !

Our references :
Jewellery Cartier, National Monument Consevation Center, U.N.E.S.C.O.,
Versailles, Embassies & Consulates, French Academy,
The Sorbonne (Paris), Woods TV, CNN, Town hall of Paris, Nice .../p>


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